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Transforming Your Approach to Relationships

In a time where shallow interactions are often the norm, the "Before You Leap" Seminar, inspired by CL's thought-provoking book, provides a valuable space for fostering meaningful relationships. This seminar is designed to navigate the complexities of modern connections with intentionality and depth, encouraging participants to engage more thoughtfully with others.

Beyond Surface-Level Solutions

Much of traditional relationship advice either offers broad, unspecific tips or focuses too much on quick satisfaction. "Before You Leap" breaks away from these norms by fostering a deeper, more reflective approach to relationships:

Understanding Yourself: It’s essential to understand your own values, identity, and what you expect from a relationship before entering the dating world. This self-knowledge is crucial for forming not just temporary, but truly rewarding connections.

Recognizing Red Flags: It's common to ignore early warning signs in the quest for love. CL Reddon's seminar equips you with the skills to spot these red flags early, steering you clear of potentially damaging relationships.

Effective Communication: Often, misunderstandings can compromise even the most promising connections. Discover techniques for clear, honest communication that builds understanding and intimacy, helping to avoid conflicts.

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Empowered Connections: A Three-Step Strategy for Meaningful Relationships

CL's approach, as detailed in "Dig Deep Before You Leap," redefines traditional relationship engagement and maintenance. This method surpasses typical dating advice, presenting a comprehensive strategy for cultivating fulfilling and empowering connections in all life areas. What sets CL's framework apart are the foundational principles of research, investigation, and evaluation.

Here's a closer look at these key components: 

  • Research: Gather all necessary information to evaluate personal readiness and potential relationship compatibility.

  • Investigation: Analyze the collected data to uncover deeper insights into the relationship's underlying dynamics and future prospects.

  • Evaluation: Critically assess the outcomes of your research and investigation to make well-informed decisions about pursuing or continuing the relationship.

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The Four Stages of Dating Relationships


First Contact & Attraction

This stage marks the first spark of attraction, where physical appeal and initial impressions draw individuals together, creating the possibility for further interaction and connection.


Curiosity & Infatuation

In this stage, attraction evolves into a deeper curiosity and infatuation. Individuals find themselves eager to learn more about each other, driven by a compelling interest and the exhilaration of newfound affection.


Connection & Unity

Here, partners achieve a deeper understanding and acceptance of each other. This stage is characterized by mutual realization of compatibility and a deliberate decision to commit to a relationship, acknowledging shared values and goals.


Commitment or Engagement

This final stage solidifies the relationship through a clear commitment or engagement, marking a mutual agreement to build a future together. It represents a transition from casual dating to a serious, dedicated partnership, often formalized by a significant gesture or declaration.


Establishing Deep Roots In Today's Modern Relationships

Navigating the complex journey of relationships requires more than just understanding its stages; it demands a deep and thoughtful approach to each phase. Often, individuals rush through these crucial phases, driven by immediate desires—seeking intimacy, alleviating loneliness, finding a co-parent, or sharing financial burdens—rather than dedicating time to research, investigation, or evaluation. This hurried approach overlooks vital considerations for long-term compatibility, mental health, family impact, personal safety, and overall well-being.

Caught in the excitement of Curiosity and Infatuation, many advance towards Commitment to meet societal expectations or personal milestones, bypassing the importance of aligning with their core values and life goals.

Join us at CL Reddon's Before You Leap: Live Immersive, where participants are encouraged to pause and deeply reflect on the implications of each stage for their future. This experience promotes a shift from fleeting desires to meaningful, deliberate decision-making. Here, individuals learn to prioritize their deepest values and long-term aspirations, equipping them not just to navigate but to thrive in their relationships.


What You'll Gain at CL's Dig Deep Before You Leap Live Event


Spotting Red Flags Early

Develop keen awareness to recognize red flags early on, allowing you to address concerns promptly and protect your emotional health.


Cultivating Self-Awareness

Gain profound insights into your deepest desires and establish clear boundaries, empowering you to navigate relationships with confidence and authenticity.


Dating for Survival

Evaluate potential partners on critical survival factors: from contributing to essentials like education, career, and financial literacy, to avoiding dangerous liaisons.


Enhance Your Dating IQ

Learn strategies to boost your dating intelligence, making informed decisions and navigating relationships with confidence and clarity.

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Jump Start Self-Reflection: Learn to reflect on personal motivations for entering relationships and align them with genuine needs and desires for a fulfilling connection.

Understand Personal and Psychological Factors: Discover the role of personal factors, such as low self-esteem and past trauma, in relationship dynamics and learn how to address them.

Learn the REI Philosophy: Know exactly how to use Research-Investigation-Evaluation to thoroughly understand a potential partner's values, beliefs, and goals.

Discover How to Select the Right Partner: Understand the importance of aligning values, goals, and objectives with your partner for a successful relationship.

Learn Mindful Partner Selection: Build a strategy for approaching partner selection with a winning mindset, considering shared values, goals, and objectives.

Understand Personal Responsibility in Relationships: Discover the importance of personal responsibility, communication, and mutual respect in nurturing a successful relationship.

Know Exactly Why You're in Relationships: Jump start a journey of self-discovery by reflecting on your reasons for entering relationships and aligning them with your true needs and desires.

Discover Psychological Factors in Relationships: Learn to be aware of personal and psychological factors like rejection, loneliness, and low self-esteem that can affect relationships.

Learn from the Emotional Impact of Failed Relationships: Understand the emotional toll and glean lessons from past relationship mistakes for personal growth.

Understand the Fragility of Modern Relationships: Discover the challenges in today's relationships due to societal changes and learn strategies for lasting love.

Know Exactly the Importance of Sexual Boundaries: Understand the significance of maintaining healthy sexual boundaries and the potential consequences of recreational sexual activity.

Learn to Deal with Trials and Tribulations in Relationships: Discover how to prepare for and overcome challenges in a relationship, understanding the importance of commitment and understanding.

Discover How to Assess Male Companionship: Gain the tools to assess male companionship more effectively, making decisions based on intellectual reasoning rather than instinct alone.

Understand the Path to Personal Growth and Well-being: Learn the importance of making purposeful decisions aligned with personal values and goals, promoting personal growth and well-being.

Build Critical Thinking and Mindfulness: Discover the importance of critical thinking and mindfulness in assessing relationships and interactions with authenticity.

Jump Start Engaging in Meaningful Relationships: Learn to integrate the sequential steps of self-awareness, critical thinking, and mindfulness to engage in meaningful relationships and make informed decisions about companionship.

Learn Reflection and Observation: Know exactly how to engage in introspection and observe your reactions without judgment, recognizing patterns and triggers in your life.

Discover the Value of Seeking Feedback: Understand the importance of seeking and valuing feedback from trusted sources to gain external perspectives and uncover blind spots.

Know Your Core Values: Learn the significance of understanding your core values and ensuring that your actions align with them.

Embrace Sacred Teachings for Stable Relationships: Discover the importance of integrating wisdom, divine knowledge, and respect in forming deep emotional bonds.

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Unsure about your partner?
Then it'sTime to dig deep.

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Bridging the Deep Disconnect

In the United States of America, divorce rates, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, broken homes, absentee parents, and domestic homicides are alarmingly high. These statistics underscore the urgent need to revolutionize our approach to relationships and dating experiences. We must adopt a more methodical and thoughtful approach to our engagement, steering away from the Hollywood-inspired fantasies that often lead to disappointment.

Like many, I too was seduced by the notion that relationships should mirror those depicted in movies, with idealized partners straight out of our childhood dreams. However, I learned firsthand that such fantasies rarely translate to reality. My own experiences have taught me the harsh truth of being on the outside looking in, a reality I wouldn't wish upon anyone.

Join me at my "Before You Leap: Impact Immersive" and embark on a transformative experience. Discover how to navigate the complexities of modern relationships with wisdom and clarity. This isn't just about finding a partner; it's about building something truly exceptional—a partnership grounded in authenticity, understanding, and lasting love.

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Transform with Lasting Improvement

We don't just change how you approach relationships; we awaken a new perspective within you.

Design Your Relationship Path

Unheeded Warnings Acknowledge the tendency to overlook red flags and deal breakers in potential partners, recognizing how this oversight can lead to a cycle of uncertainty and unresolved issues within your relationship.

Self-Awareness Shadows 

Recognize the importance of self-awareness and the risks of neglecting self-discovery in your relationship. Understand how a lack of personal understanding can cast shadows of doubt and hinder the growth of a healthy partnership.

Logic Lost in Emotion 

Logic Lost in Emotion Identify the pitfalls of letting emotions cloud judgment and logic, acknowledging how emotional impulsiveness can lead to overlooked issues and unresolved conflicts in a relationship.

Informed Commitment 

Informed Commitment Develop the habit of thorough introspection and partner investigation before deepening your commitment. Use the wisdom gained from self-discovery, logic, and reason to make informed decisions, ensuring your relationship is built on a solid, informed foundation, ready to withstand the tests of time.

Clarity of Self and Other 

Clarity of Self and Other Harness the power of self-knowledge and a deep understanding of your partner to illuminate the path ahead. Embrace logic and reason in decision-making to cultivate a relationship rooted in clarity, mutual respect, and well-informed choices.

Reasoned Romance 

Reasoned Romance Integrate logic and reason with emotional connection. Build a partnership where thoughtful decision-making and emotional intimacy coexist, empowering you to address potential issues early on and navigate the complexities of love with wisdom and foresight.

Nowhere else will you encounter such an extensive and invaluable compilation of insights on mastering modern relationships!

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