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About this Podcast

Welcome to the "Lunch, Learn & Love Podcast," where every midday meal becomes a delightful dive into the world of relationships. Hosted by the acclaimed author CL. Reddon, known for his transformative book "Dig Deep Before You Leap," this podcast is your daily serving of hearty discussions, rich insights, and love wisdom. As an Integrity Coach, Relationship Strategist, and Relationship Designer, Reddon masterfully seasons each episode with authenticity, strategy, and intention, helping listeners design their love life with purpose.


Whether you're sipping on soup, munching on a sandwich, or savoring a salad, let Reddon guide you in digesting the intricacies of love and relationships. Tune in, as love is always on our menu, and every lunch is a lesson in romance.

When Love is on the Menu,
Every Lunch is a Lesson in Romance



Fresh Episodes, Fresh Gear.

Step into the rhythm of relationships with the "Lunch, Learn, & Love" podcast, and now, wear your journey proudly with our brand-new merch. Dive deep into relationship matters with us, and showcase your love for learning with our curated designs. Dive in, dress up, and let’s navigate love's intricate dance together.

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