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Tips to Check and Improve Your Credit Score

Updated: Apr 29, 2023


You're in your home watching your favorite television show. Since you're enjoying it too much, you run out of snacks. So you put on a jacket and scramble your way outdoors to go to the nearest store. When suddenly, you stop and walk your way back towards your house. What could be the reason behind this?

Well, it's quite simple. You can't proceed to the store because you haven't paid your debt. If you're always like this, there is a big chance that you can't handle more considerable debts. And with the overabundance of people incurring debts every day, they are looking for quick and easy ways to improve their credit scores.

Credit scores help build a good credit history, so if you constantly leave your bills unpaid and don’t take your credit transactions seriously, your credit score will eventually drop.

If you have credit, you must be responsible enough to repay what you owe. Otherwise, this will reflect in your credit report. Suppose you now have a low credit score; it's time that you start improving or cleaning it up little by little. How will you do it?

Consider the following tips:

1. Review your credit report on an annual basis. There are three credit-reporting agencies, so you must get a copy of your credit report from each agency. Check for any mistakes; if you find some, you must correct it. This will usually take about three months before the change can take effect. If you plan to apply for a loan, you must do this beforehand.

2. Start paying all your dues on time; if you can afford it, always pay the bill in full. Don’t leave balances because this will significantly help in improving your score.

3. If you have a credit card, you may want to start paying your remaining balance until you've reached about 25% of the credit limit.

4. Credit insurance is essential if you want to purchase a car. Having a car nowadays is important especially if you need to travel every now and then. Car dealers can help in arranging your finances. This is called repossession insurance. Though it can be expensive, it is one way to improve your credit score and secure a vehicle loan.

5. Start applying for account overdraft if you have a checking account. This means that you can issue a check for more than what you actually have in your checking account without getting extra charges. The excess amount will be reflected in your monthly bill. Banks report to credit agencies, so make sure you pay your debt on time to improve your credit score.

6. Join clubs that charge annual fees and those that report to credit bureaus. Just make sure that you meet all the club's requirements. Some clubs arrange for financing, and you pay your debt on time if you receive credit. This is also one way to improve your credit score.

If you follow the tips mentioned, you're on your way to repairing your credit report. Your credit score is your only way to get finance credit, so ensure that once you've improved it, stay on the right track and avoid getting bad debt again.

Maintaining a high credit score entails great responsibility and discipline. Start now, while you still have room for improvement.

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