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Join our volunteer program in 2024.

Volunteer with RBS and join our transformative events at no cost. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment and benefit from exposure to groundbreaking talks. Plus, it's a golden chance to network and form lasting connections.


We're now welcoming volunteer applications for RBS 2024 events.

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What is the Relationships Reset?

Choose how you make a difference

There are numerous facets to organizing RBS events where your assistance would be invaluable, and we offer the flexibility for you to volunteer in areas that resonate with your talents and passions.

Passionate about engaging with attendees? Consider supporting our guest relations team at info desks. Interested in the world of transformative education and leadership? Our exclusive sessions, where deep discussions and workshops occur, could use hands-on volunteers to ensure seamless execution. Punctuality your strength? We'd appreciate your expertise in coordinating our esteemed speakers, ensuring timely transitions.

At RBS, we value your preferences and aim to match your strengths with our needs, ensuring a mutually rewarding volunteer experience.

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Elevate your brand's visibility with a global impact. RBS collaborates with influential voices and platforms, ensuring your message resonates worldwide. Our tailored partnership packages empower you to engage our audience uniquely, making a lasting impression. Partner with us, and let's co-create transformative change together.

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Transformational Leadership

Empower your institution's role in shaping transformational leadership. By partnering with RBS, you align with a nexus of innovation and influence, reaching change-makers and visionaries. Our bespoke partnership avenues offer a platform for your institution to lead, inspire, and collaborate. Unite with us, and let's co-create the leadership landscape of tomorrow.



Expand your institution's network in the realm of transformative leadership. Partnering with RBS connects you to a diverse tapestry of global thought leaders and decision-makers. Our strategic partnership opportunities are designed to foster collaborations and meaningful exchanges. Join us, and amplify your networking potential to its pinnacle.



RBS attendees are the proactive seekers of tools and knowledge that can elevate their lives. They are discerning, eager to adopt services—be it counseling, financial planning, or legal advice—and are always on the lookout for impactful books, lessons, and teachings. Could your offering be the next big solution they incorporate into their journey?

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Watch the Relationship Reset 2024 trailer

Gain Valuable Experience

Volunteering at RBS offers a unique chance to explore roles outside your usual realm. We'll guide you to a position that sparks your interest - be it collecting insightful testimonials, warmly welcoming attendees at our Intimate Gatherings, or assisting our event coordinators in orchestrating the sessions.

New People

Our volunteers often share that the enduring friendships formed are a prime reason they return to RBS each year. Dive into our global volunteer community and forge bonds that persist long after the RBS sessions conclude.

Third Eye Hand

Explore RBS in a Different Way 

As a volunteer, you're invited to immerse yourself in the event during your off-hours. Engage with thought-provoking presentations from our key speakers, navigate the event landscape, or relax and connect at our Intimate Gatherings.


the Scenes

Delve deeper into the intricacies of organizing an RBS event by connecting with the individuals behind its success. Gain unparalleled insights into the excitement of assembling transformational educators, industry strategists, thought leaders, and attendees all under one roof.

Reach out to us for your customized RBS package for 2024

RBS Partner Experiences

Apply to partner in 2024

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